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Strategic communicators

November 17, 2021

The entire world has been changed by the Coronavirus pandemic and as communicators, we've seen boards come forward and ask for interventions and advice in ways that have never happened before.


Whilst there’s been a lot of work undertaken both by the Chartered Institute Public Relations and by other professional bodies to ensure that communications is seen as a strategic management discipline; now more than ever, we have an opportunity to ensure that the professionalism of communications is understood as a vital part of the success for all organisations, large, small, independently owned, nationally operated, government, private, public, and everything in between.


In this episode, host Sarah Pinch and guests Alex Aiken, Executive Director for Government Communications and James Powell, Head of Group Communications at Irwin Mitchell explore what it means to be a strategic communicator, to be a professional, and how communicators are elevating and repositioning themselves.


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